Monday, February 10, 2014

My Amazing Day! 2/1/2014!!

kittywolf13 (message   February 1, 2014   Naples, FL(sorry if the pics are big!)
So i just got my PC installed and the very first thing ive been dieing to do was to write up my recap because i figured it would be a lengthy one! So here goes nothing ladies! I'm going to start with the day before!
So before i begin i just want to tell any would be /soon to be brides that they shouldnt worry so much! we had tons of things go wrong, like going through 3 churches, 3 ministers, almost forgetting our favors for the day of, me almost chopping my fingers off a few days before the wedding, running late with hair and makeup and im sure their are a slew of other things that i cant remember! so i saw this sign at the botanical gardens during our mini moon and thought it was a fitting "theme" to our wedding:

So the day before the wedding, (jan 31st also chinese new years) i had off from work so i went with my mother early in the morning to have our nails done. I also got my very first pedicure! that was a lot of fun. After that was done, my matron of honor arrived with her hubby and they helped us finish the last minute details that still werent done. As they put the finishing touches i hopped in the shower and got ready for the rehersal! I bought a cute dress for the rehersal the week before

(sorry if the pic is huge... straight off the phone)
So the rehersal was at 5pm and it was simple sweet and my pastor was amazing and super sweet and funny! Every one was super helpful, the best man and ring bearer were unable to attend but everything went perfectly the day of so it was not a big deal in the end.

Afterwards my MIL arranged the rehersal dinner in the same venue as the wedding reception. at first i was a little sceptical but they hosted in a small initimate room that was seperate for the ball room, so it was super nice. The food was fantastic and the company was even better! My mother in law made a wonderful toast in liu of the best mans absance. it was very touching!

So after the rehersal dinner, we brought in all the decor for the wedding and then our friends got together and decided to head to a friends house to play some games! Since the best man never made it into town for the bachleor party we had kind of a small bachleor/bachlorette party thing. it was fun, but we wraped it up early but we got one last pic of the night... our last kiss as a single couple!

I headed home after that, and hopped into bed. I made my signing off post and tried to go to sleep. I slept intermitingly, and kept waking up through out the night. guess i was more excited then i thought. Luckily for me 7:30 am rolled around sooner then i thought and I was up and hopped into the shower to get ready for my day! For the curious here was my day of time line!
(mind the timing errors, but it got us by!)
9am-12pm Hair with Marlene ( Hair Masters)
12:00pm – 2pm Make up with Karla at Brides house
2pm – Depart home for church
3:00pm/3:15pm –Ceremony starts
3:30pm/3:45pm Ceremony ends (guests other then immediate family are asked to leave for the cocktail hour.)
4:00pm Cocktail hour at Windstar
3:30pm – 5pm Photos with photographer (Celine Michelle)
5:00pm-5:15pm – Guests sit for dinner and Introductions begin
5:20pm First dance
5:45pm-6:00pm Dinner
After dinner Parents dance (father/daughter then mother/son)
Cake cutting approximately 1 hour after dinner (perhaps mock cake cutting for photographer/videographer?)
9:00pm Reception ends
So my mother and i got to the beauty parlor late, and the rest of the crew met us there. i was the last to have my hair done, but i snapped a pic of the flower girl having some finishing touches done to her hair.

So once hair was done we raced out the door, because everyone else was already waiting at the house including the make-up artist! So make up was going, and i did a few things (including eat lunch) and then i got my make up done last again! After the make up was done we raced to get me in my dress. Which was fun! We all had some laughs but i was a little nervous about the time. Meanwhile my photographer was roaming about my house snapping pictures of things here and there including my dress before i put it on. The limo was also waiting for us, so once the girls helped me into my dress everyone raced off except for me, my father and the photographer who rode with us.

The limo drive seemed to take ages, but we kept pleasent chatter in the car with the photographer! She was amazing might i add! Super helpful and got some amazing shots as you can see from some of her preview shots that i get to share with everyone!! We told her the story behind my ring, and my bouquet since it was wrapped in the sleeve of my mothers dress and veil headpeice! it all came out so beautifully!
We got to church a little late, but most of the guests had already arrived to the church. by the time i got out of the limo, our mothers were lighting the Christ candle for the candle unity. Before i knew it the music was playing and the Matron of honor was walking down the isle, then the children, then us. My father lovingly walked me down the isle and was smiles, but i could tell he was choked up... especially when we got down to the end and the reverend asked who gives this bride away? and he kept saying her father and the priest would say AND? lol it was funny. He placed my hand gingerly in my GROOMS hand (EEEEEEEEE!!!!) and the priest countinued the ceremony! We did our own vows and they were beautiful! he always has the nicest things to say! The ceremony was beautiful, and he did such a good job! For never having heard him speak before... it was simply perfect. Our first kiss was so sweet and lovely and everyone cheering and clapping was wonderful!
We didnt have a receiving line, so we walked down the isle then turned around and ran outside so we couldnt be stopped by anyone! (can i mention our ushers were also amazing! We picked well! LOL) We took our formals and then took a few more pics in the garden. After the garden shots, we hopped into the limo, with the photographer and went on our way. It was so nice to have some alone time to ourselves in the limo, i mean our photographer was there but shes invisable some times, so it was great! We took lots of photos around the grounds before entering! My one beef with the day was that it was soooo hot! But it was a beautiful clear day so im sure the photos will be amazing none the less!
We made it inside and were met with the rest of our family in a holding area and were greeted with water, and chesse and crackers and stuff. It was so exciting! they lined us up for our introductions and soon we were being introduced as the new Mr. and Mrs.!!! We went straight into our first dance, which was the same song he used when he proposed. After the dance we sat down for dinner. We had a funny moment because i kept getting stuck in the chair! (my dress kept getting stuck underneath the chair) The best man had a wonderful speach for us. very touching. Then we ate! Yaaaaay! Yum! it was great! After dinner, we decided to do a mock cake cutting which turned into the real cutting because everyone didnt miss the video camera (by the way, even though i havent seen the video, im so happy i decided at the last minute to hire the videographer!) so we cut the cake and then we did the parent dances! Dancing with my father was so sweet! its totally one of the moments i treasured during the day. After that was the mother groom dance... i took the oppertunity to greet some of the guests... that took most of the night, we took more photos and then we danced. the DJ was fantastic! and everyone looked like they had so much fun!
We didnt do a fancy get away, so we stayed until all the guests were gone. it was nice to do that because we had a small opertunity to say thank you to everyone we saw leaving. The evening past without a hitch and it went so fast! its true they say that it passes so quickly! i miss it so already!
We got in the car and ran off to Marco Island, were my now husband had reserved a beach front hotel room with balcony for the night. we were going to stay for two nights but the hotel messed up our reservations. but its ok. we watched the sunrise, shared breakfast, then packed up and left. we had an early lunch, and went to the botanical gardens... it was a super sweet and happy day. we ended up coming home because naples isnt too exciting! Hopefully we can plan a real honey moon soon! The past week has been so wonderful and blissful! We've had such a wonderful time together and things have fallen in place perfectly! I couldnt ask for anything better! So hope you enjoyed this lengthy message and now more pics!

Thanks for looking!!!

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My Vows to My Groom

About twelve years ago you took a chance asking me out. Nearly six years ago I took a chance and agreed to go out with you. A year ago you asked me to be your wife. And today I stand before all my family and friends to make a promise with you.

You have stood by my side and have never run away from our troubles. You have loved me unconditionally and have always made me smile. Your infectious laugh and great smile make it hard for me to stay mad at you. For these reasons I will always love you.

I, Kittywolf13, vow to always stand by your side, to be your strength when you need it and your comfort always. I will love you unconditionally as you have done with me and I will try not to annoy you too much!

Groom, I love you from the bottom of my heart and soul.

Jan 23, 2014 - 9 days out

Jan 23, 2014 - 9 days out

So today I worked on more lists and some more tags and started hashing out a little bit of our vows. It's a little harder then I expected but I can do it. I was in good spirits all day and mostly excited about the day. 

I'm really enjoying this feeling of joy and am seriously almost dreading the wedding only because I don't know what I will do afterwards! A year or more of planning for just one day. Something so complicated for one moment in time. It feels so surreal and I simply can't wrap my head around the idea that in 9 days I'll be married! Me! It's so weird to think about it like that. To think about it all. I really hope I can slow the day down for myself and really enjoy it. I want to really take my time walking down the isle and during our first dance, first kiss. I just want time to stop for those moments. I can't wait to see your face that morning and I really hope it will be an expression I'll never forget... And please forgive me if I start giggling at you. I assure it's probably the nerves. I'm not laughing at you. Every time I think about it I think I'm not ready and yet every time I lay in bed I think I'm ready for the next chapter in my life where I don't go to bed by myself. 

So here's hoping the excitement continues to build, that there will be no disappointment, and that everything will be beautiful and ok!

P.s. Did I mention I'm freaking out because the hair stylist canceled on me 9 days before the wedding??!

Jan 22, 2014, 10 days out -

Jan 22, 2014, 10 days out - 

So today marks ten days till our wedding day. It's so crazy that our engagement came and went so fast and that our wedding day is fast approaching. It feels like just yesterday the wedding was over a 100 days away! There's so much to do and so little time but I'm at ease with the thought that everything will be ok.

 Today I made arrangements for the rehearsal and finished about 95% of the name tags. We also received our first wedding registry gifts in the mail! That was very exciting!! 

One of the packages was addressed to my new name. It was both odd but also not as foreign to me as I thought I would be. I hesitated for awhile over my feelings about changing my name to be honest. I have had my name for 30 years... It will be odd to have a new name. I've relinquished my maiden name as a pen name but may add it as a second middle name? I haven't decided yet. Guess I better make up my mind huh? 

Also I think we've decided to write our own vows. I'd really like too. If I'm going to cry at the alter it better be about the stirring words I'll say as well as hear from you. I think it will be nice and will personalize the ceremony a little more then usual. Well see what happens right? Now I need to find inspiration. 

I've already been honest that I'm worried about living together. I'm not certain how I will handle being with someone 24 hours a day that isn't my family. But when I'm apart I find I'm always missing you. Your the part that's always missing and I'm always thinking of you. And I'm happiest when I'm with you. Even if I'm bored and sitting around. Yes that will be an argument but know that I'm still happy to sit around knowing your in the same space with me. Lord knows I sleep better with you around, when your not stealing the sheets anyways. I can only hope I live up to all you hope and see that I am. I find it hard to live up to your vision sometimes and I usually feel very inadequate about it. But we shall prevail right? I really love you for you have touched my soul in places I thought no one could touch. 

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

it's officially been a year!

So it's officially been one year since we got engaged! I can't really believe it's been a year already to be honest. To celebrate we went back to Holiday Matsuri where we got engaged at. It was a great time seeing all our friends again. One of our friends that made the magic happen last year got me all dressed up in a kimono for the dance that evening. It was a lot of fun!

It was a lot of fun during the dance as we hung out with said friends and danced and laughed and watched the shows. At some point during the dance Chris had them play our song again and he pulled out a small gift box for me. It was completely unexpected. Inside was a necklace with an amethyst pendant. He told me it was amethyst because that's February birthstone, which is the month we started dating and the month we will be we'd, and there's a little secret in the back, a D for my new married last name. It was technically an early Christmas gift but he felt like giving it to me at the dance. I was moved. There was more tears and more photos! He's so sneaky.

So on this Christmas day I figured it would be appropriate to share our 1 year anniversary for our engagement on Christmas. ;) Merry Christmas to you and your family! Hope you have a very blessed day!!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Ok...Havent updated in a while:

Guess I have been bad and i haven't updated this blog in a long while! My last update was back in August! Oops! 

In my last post i spoke about finally finding a venue but it not being official...well by now its official! Along with a ton of other things! We finally got our venue, ceremony location, engagement shoot done (which means we have our photographer picked out!), menu finalized, color Scheme, center pieces picked out, invites picked out, D.J. hired, and tons more! And i know there's more i forgot to mention!

Planning a wedding can be crazy hectic, and sometimes as the bride I wanted to scream and cry! Your emotions go all over the place and sometimes you just don't understand it. Like when we had complications with finding a church... the first one never really got back to us, my second choice was awesome right up till they realized they double booked my wedding with a festival on the same day!!! But they came through and found me a beautiful church to get married in! But I have to say this has been an amazing process and I've had so much fun and learned so much!! I've become so much closer with my friends and learned a ton about myself!! I will also note that there is ALWAYS something you did not think to ask about until someone else asks! As much as I want my special day to get here, I'm having so much fun that i kind of DONT want it to get here... So I'm hoping to help my friends out with their wedding's so the wedding fun doesn't have to stop!

I'll try and remember to update more often as the count down slinks closer to the day of!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Unofficially stating...

...That we have a venue picked out!! :) Not saying which one, but i figured id take a quick moment to share my enthusiasm and share a quick picture of the outside of the building!! But again i'm not saying anything more until its more official!

This was a really short entry i know! Not much else to share at the moment! So have a good day!!